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Dostałem e-maila od kogoś, kto zainfekował mi pc. czy to możliwe?

Dostałem e-maila od kogoś, kto zainfekował mi pc. czy to możliwe?
cczy to jest zwykły spam czy co? mogę gdzieś to zgłosić czy nie?

I am sure you are curious precisely why you got this email with one of your passwords in the subject (******). I posses this password and also all of your other online-passwords for the reason that one of the adult web-sites you check out was inserted with one of my trojans and it contaminated your device. I have now been watching you for a very long period of time now.
I also downloaded every one of your files, information, contacts and accounts. Occasionally i also initiated your cam while you checked out mature internet websites. I recorded a lot of clips and took some snapshots of you "enjoying yourself" on these sites. You can adjust online passwords or do whatever you want, my trojan will continuously give me complete access to your software. Don't be afraid, read on and i will tell you what to do.

There are 2 things which you can do at this point:
First off you can ignore this message, when you decide to do this i will send all the clips and shots i have of you to all your relationships, relatives, close friends and colleagues and then your system will be locked. Consider what affect that will have on your social life! Picture the disgrace! I don't believe you want this so keep reading.
Furthermore you are able to pay me a small fee to delete all your files and delete the trojan viruses on your system. I have been devoting a lot of time observing you and tracking your device so in my opinion $800 is a respectable price to pay for my secrecy. Do not worry you aren't my sole victim, i am a hacker, that is what i do.
You may pay the money only in bitcoins, have no clue how to utilize bitcoins? Use any internet search engine: "How to purchase bitcoins", it is very simple.
My bitcoin wallet is: 12CAnjCQS9btsbStg5ViovZ7TUfx6ZdU3R (copy/paste this because this is case sensitive)

You have 8 hours to generate this payment, the moment you opened this email, my timer activated. My setup begun to monitor the bitcoin address previously mentioned, once i do receive the transaction within 8 hours my trojan will kill itself and all your data, files, contacts and so on will be deleted from my system and you will never ever hear from me again. This is the word of all real online hackers, don't do evil, do your work.
If i do not receive your payment, well, you are aware exactly what will happen and i am very positive you don't want that so go on and make the payment inside of eight hrs.

Do not e-mail me back, i will not answer.
All the best!
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RE: Dostałem e-maila od kogoś, kto zainfekował mi pc. czy to możliwe?
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